2023 Mercedes Benz EQS SUV Review: SHOCKING New Video

The EV space is hotting up with German car brands finally rolling out new electric vehicles on dedicated EV architectures.

The latest is Mercedes-Benz, launching its first SUV on a dedicated EV platform, the EQS SUV, that fall under the umbrella of the company’s EQ sub-brand.

It aims to deliver a big driving range, big luxury and that Mercedes-Benz feel. It also signals the arrival of smaller versions of the SUV, the EQE SUV, including some AMG-fettled models in the future.

The EQS and EQS SUV are built in the Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama, with the US also being the manufacturing country of Mercedes-Benz’s proprietary battery cells.

As its name implies, the all-electric 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS is the high-riding SUV alternative to the company’s large, slicked-back EQS luxury sedan. The two share a platform and myriad other components and have identical wheelbases, but only the SUV offers a third row and seats for up to seven. Its interior feels airier than the sedan thanks to extra headroom, and its design and material quality are equally high-end. It’s also available with Mercedes’ new 56-inch Hyperscreen, but while we’re dazzled by the massive glass panel’s Starship Enterprise appearance—it stretches across the dashboard from door to door—we’re put off by its lack of physical controls. The lineup includes the 355-hp EQS 450 + and the 536-hp EQS 580; the former offers 305 miles of driving range per charge while the latter gives you 285.

In this video, we are reviewing the all-electric 2023 model of Mercedes Benz EQS SUV.

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First talk about Styling.

Like the color black, it hides its generous proportions well. Compared to the Mercedes GLS seven-seat SUV, the EQS SUV measures four inches shorter at 202 inches long, yet the wheelbase is 3 inches longer at 126.4 inches. Not only does that translate to greater interior space, but the short overhangs and aero-minded design give it more distinct appeal over the more traditional GLS SUV and the related EQS sedan that has a dolphin-like roofline.

The EQS SUV has a crossover-style silhouette with a star-studded black band spanning the nose. Adorned with available tri-star shapes, the front panel is solid, and houses radars and a camera that supplement the roof-mounted camera. Everything conveys aerodynamics, from door handles that fold flush, to available running boards with air fins mounted low to direct air around the car.


The EQS SUV is essentially a re-bodied EQS sedan with an elevated seating position and more interior space, and its electric powertrains are similar, albeit not identical. The EQS 450 + features a 335-hp electric motor that powers the rear wheels. The EQS 580 produces 536 horsepower and 633 pound-feet of torque between its front- and rear-mounted electric motors, which provide all-wheel drive. The EQS SUV comes standard with an adjustable air suspension and a rear-axle steering system that makes it surprisingly agile. Unlike the sedan, the SUV features an Off-Road drive mode that raises the suspension and alters the powertrain’s behavior. EQS 580 needs 4.2-second to run to 60 mph. The EQS 450+ is no slouch though, and we imagine most drivers will find its power more than adequate. Handling is confident but not particularly satisfying and steering feedback is minimal, but the EQS SUV’s on-road demeanor is comfortable and relaxing which is okay by us given its luxury mission.


Let the flexing begin. The EQS SUV exhibits stellar quality throughout its cabin, including both lavish soft-touch surfaces and dazzling visual elements. Heated and ventilated leather seats come standard, as do 64-color ambient mood lighting and a panoramic sunroof. Two standout features are the dash’s wood paneling with laser-incised aluminum Mercedes star logos and the door panels made of a delightfully delicate suede-like material. 

The seats themselves are Excellent. Soft, authentic leather surfacing hides ample cushioning underneath. Overall space inside is abundant. There’s plenty of room in the first two rows for adults 6 feet or taller. The second row folds down with one-touch power access to climb into the optional third row. Make no mistake — it’s for kids only. But at least no manual labor is required.

Infotainment Technology.

For maximum theater, the EQS SUV can be equipped with Mercedes’ mesmerizing 56-inch Hyperscreen, which stretches across the full width of the dashboard. Along with housing the digital gauge cluster, it hosts a 17.7-inch touchscreen that’s primarily responsible for infotainment functions, plus a 12.3-inch touchscreen in front of the passenger. There’s no doubt that the novelty of the glass-covered dash will entice buyers, but we can’t help but bemoan the near-total lack of physical switchgear. Those who don’t opt for the Hyperscreen will still get a digital gauge cluster and a 12.8-inch portrait-style touchscreen. Every EQS SUV will come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a Burmester audio system, and wireless device charging.

Range and Charging.

Although it uses the same 107.8-kWh battery pack as the EQS sedan, the EQS SUV’s estimated driving range isn’t as impressive. The entry-level EQS 450 + model offers a claimed range of 305 miles per charge while the all-wheel-drive EQS 450 4Matic and EQS 580 4Matic offer around 285 miles of driving before needing to be plugged in. Luckily, the EQS SUV can charge at speeds up to 200 kW, which Mercedes says will take the battery from 10 to 80 percent in 31 minutes when connected to a compatible DC fast-charger.

Fuel Economy.

The 2023 EQS SUV lineup has different EPA ratings depending on the powertrain configuration. The EQS 450 + is rated at 85 MPG combined; that figure drops to 78 MPG on the 4Matic all-wheel-drive variant. The EQS 580 is EPA-rated at 77 MPG combined.


Its estimated price starts around at $105,000.

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